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(2009, 15 min, B&W, USA) Written + directed by: Blackhorse Lowe. Produced by: Blackhorse Lowe, David Stevens, Nanobah Becker, Heather Rae & Chad Burris. Starring: Brigadier Brown, Noelle Brown, Carmelita B. Lowe, June Lowe & Larry A. Lowe.

In 1934 on the serene Navajo reservation, Mary Jane must decide whether to stay at home with her grandmother (másání) and carry on her traditional lifestyle or seek a new life "just over the mountain." Sundance, Tribeca and LA Shorts Film Festivals Official selection and Best of Show at SWAIA, Best Cinematography at Montreal First Peoples' Festival and Best Narrative at Marin County Festival.


(2009, 10 min, Color, USA) Directed by: Blackhorse Lowe. Written by: Blackhorse Lowe & Ernie Quiroz. Produced by: Blackhorse Lowe, Trini King & Jacob Brumfield. Starring: Rosey Blackhorse, Timothy Cavalier, James June, Paul Stoll, Vona Lowe, Carmelita B. Lowe & Trini King.

Romance and comedy come together to paint a contemporary portrait of love on the Navajo Reservation.  Created and screened as part of the imagineNATIVE's Embargo Collective, where seven international filmmakers challenged each other to deviate from their usual styles of storytelling. Other filmmakers included were Taika Waititi, Lisa Jackson and Sterlin Harjo. 


(2008, 9 min, Color, USA) Written + directed by: Blackhorse Lowe. Produced by: Blackhorse Lowe, Heather Rae & Russell Friedenberg. Starring: Cody Lightning & Nick Rogers.

A redundant conversation reaches epic proportions in this stoner saga. 


(2004, 10 min, Color, USA) Written + directed by: Blackhorse Lowe. Produced by: Taft Blackhorse Sr., Rachel Lack & Blackhorse Lowe. Starring: Shawna L. Begay, Camille Gordon, Nicholas Keefee, Livandrea Knoki, Sheldon Silentwalker, Ernest Tsosie III

A young Navajo man returns home to deal with a family situation that has landed his father in the hospital. 


(2018, 11 min, Color, USA) Written + directed by: Blackhorse Lowe. Featuring: Carmelita B. Lowe & Larry A. Lowe.

Larry and Carmelita Lowe tell their family history over images of a Hogan, a traditional Navajo dwelling, as its being built.

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