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November 30, 2023 | 7:00 PM | Circle Cinema | Tulsa

Updated: Nov 5, 2023


Introduced by Tulsa Artist Fellow Blackhorse Lowe Co-presented by Circle Cinema & Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 7:00 pm Circle Cinema | 10 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104

GUMMO (89m, 1997, USA) Writer/Director: Harmony Korine. Executive Producers: Stephen Chin, Ruth Vitale. Producers: Scott Macauley, Robin O'Hara and Cary Woods. Cinematographer: Jean-Yves Escoffier. Editor: Christopher Tellefsen. Art & Set Decorator: Amy Beth Silver. Costume Designer: Chloë Sevigny. Cast: Jacob Sewell, Nick Sutton, Lara Tosh, Jacob Reynolds, Darby Dougherty, Carisa Glucksman and Chloë Sevigny.

In the 1997 directorial debut of indie king Harmony Korine, a group of eclectic, ennui-stricken teenagers kill time sniffing glue and killing cats in the tornado-scarred town of Xenia, Ohio. When not gunning down stray cats for a few bucks, Tummler (Nick Sutton) and Solomon (Jacob Reynolds) pass their time getting stoned on household inhalants. Elsewhere, the mute Bunny Boy (Jacob Sewell) dons rabbit ears and is bullied by kids half his age, and sisters Dot (Chloe Sevigny) and Helen (Carisa Glucksman) dodge a pedophile.


CineDOOM is a celebration of the theatrical experience at its best, showcasing masterpieces that embody both grit and perfection. It brings together cinematic classic masterpieces from revered directors like Akira Kurosawa and David Lynch, alongside cutting-edge Indigenous films that push the boundaries of contemporary storytelling. This diverse array of cinematic experiences invites viewers to explore new horizons in storytelling. CineDOOM is curated by Tulsa Artist Fellowship awardee, Blackhorse Lowe.

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