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Sunday, July 14, 2024 | 6:30 PM | Violet Crown - Santa Fe

Film Screening | CineDOOM presents CROSSROADS by WALTER HILL


Introduced by CineDOOM programmer Blackhorse Lowe

Sun, June 30 | 6:30 PM

Violet Crown | 1606 Alcaldesa St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

CROSSROADS (1986, 99min, USA) Director: Walter Hill. Writer: John Fusco. Original Score: Ry Cooder. Starring: Ralph Macchio, Jami Gertz, Joe Seneca.

Eugene Martone, a 17-year-old guitar student at Juilliard, becomes fascinated with blues music. He learns about the myth surrounding Robert Johnson, a blues musician who supposedly sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads to gain extraordinary talent. Eugene discovers that Johnson’s friend, Willie Brown, is alive and incarcerated. Willie claims to know a missing Robert Johnson song but will only share it if Eugene helps him escape and takes him to Mississippi. Their journey exposes them to the blues legacy firsthand, including an impromptu jam session at a “jook joint.” The film climaxes with a guitar duel featuring Steve Vai as the devil’s virtuosic player.

JÁAJI APPROX. (2015, 8min, USA) Director: Sky Hopinka. Camera/Sound/Edit: Sky Hopinka. Featuring: Mike Hopinka.

Logging and approximating a relationship between audio recordings of the director's father and videos gathered of the landscapes they both separately traversed. The initial distance between the logger and the recordings, of recollections and of songs, new and traditional, narrows while the images become an expanding semblance of filial affect. Jáaji is a near translation for directly addressing a father in the Hočak language.


CineDOOM is a celebration of the theatrical experience at its best, showcasing masterpieces that embody both grit and perfection. It brings together cinematic classics from revered directors like Wong Kar Wai and David Lynch, alongside cutting-edge Indigenous films that push the boundaries of contemporary storytelling. This diverse array of cinematic experiences invites viewers to explore new narratives and perspectives. CineDOOM, curated by Blackhorse Lowe in collaboration with partnering institutions, is made possible in part with funds from Blackhorse Lowe’s United States Artists Fellowship.

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